No one out of the boat, everyone on board!

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Ilona Labuťová (CZ) / drama therapist, teacher, founding member of the Association of Drama Therapists of the Czech Republic

Felix Dornseifer (DE) / director of the cultural festival SOMMERBLUT (Cologne)
Justyna Wielgus (PL) / vice-president of Foundation Theater 21 (Warsaw), co-founder of the Center for Inclusive Art (Warsaw)
Magdaléna Komárová (CZ) / actress, head of the Ježek and Čížek homeless theater, cooperates with the Theater from the Passage (Banská Bystrica) and the Theatre With No Home (Bratislava)
Hana Chmelenská (CZ) / dramaturg, cultural manager, co-founder of the dance and theatre improvisation festival ImproEvents (Prague)

What exactly does it mean when you say theatre and “disability”? Exactly what disability do we mean? Health, or social, actor or audience? Aren’t we all special in our own way? Can theatre be a means of healing? Does it then mean that we should lower the artistic demands on the quality of the performance? This discussion tried to answer all these questions and much more.