Theatre Institute launched the project GREEN DRĀMA

As the world marks the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are reflecting, more than ever, the fate of mankind. The Theatre Institut Bratislava is joining  the current debate with a collection of fifteen Slovak plays in English translation. GREEN DRĀMA discusses global issues and local themes with the common denominator of the past, present and future role of man in the state of our planet.

Contemporary Slovak playwrights build upon their fine literary and drama heritage that spans from magic realism, through science fiction all the way to docudrama. As Slovak professional theatre marked its centenary in 2020, the authors now open a new chapter in the history of Slovak drama. Some featured texts are poetic, some visionary. Some are inspired by real events and widely addressed by the media. All raise a pivotal question: What is the fate of mankind if we don’t act right now?

GREEN DRĀMA, the project that spanned over two years, brought together fifteen Slovak playwrights and three dramaturges – Vladislava Fekete, Andrea Dӧmeová and Miriam Kičiňová. It has been coordinated by the dramaturge Lenka Čepková, with methodological guidance by the theatre theorist Milo Juráni. The stage texts are brought in English translation by Lucia Faltin.

At THIS YOUTUBE LINK you will find excerpts from the plays (with English subtitles) as read by Slovak actors and actresses. The readings are complemented by reflections by the project coordinator – the dramaturge Lenka Čepková, the theatre theorist Milo Juráni, and a take by the graphic designer Martin Mistrík who designed the publication of the collected plays.

To receive full text of any of the plays, please email Ms Eva Fačková, the Theatre Institute PR Manager: