Podcast “Uncompressability of Theatre”

The starting point for this episode of the Show Off podcast was a discussion of the same name with Nela H. Kornetová, a Czech theatre artist based in Norway, Greek researcher and critic Savas Patsalides and Martynas Petrikas, a Lithuanian expert on contemporary Central European theatre.

The main topic of discussion was to search for and formulate the fundamental meaning of theatre and the reasons for its existence in the digital twenty-first century. The resulting podcast is a summary of the most fundamental moments of the conversation. Why go to the theatre when we carry a gateway to an infinite number of entertainments in our pockets? Can theatre exist in a compressed format, or is it fundamentally resistant to compression? How do younger generations, online from birth, relate to offline meetings that occur at one time and in one place. Are there reasons to fear for the future of live encounters, or is it us who should be afraid of them? This episode offers few answers and raises many questions.

Join us for a discussion on the future of theatre through the eyes of theorists and practitioners, brought to you by Jiří Šimek, actor, theatre maker and founder of Ufftenživot company (www.ufftenzivot.cz).