The new channel Televize Naživo will appear in the terrestrial broadcast on Friday, 20 November 2020, at 8 p.m.  It is a joint project of Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78, and Viktor Tauš’s Heaven Gate company. It aims to present the TV viewers with the works of theatremakers whose performances cannot be staged live in the theatres due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Naživo TV will offer up-to-date live theater and music productions, as well as performances for children. The TV programme Naživo will cover the production of Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78, Amerikánka, the Theatre on the Balustrade, and Minor. Moreover, viewers will be able to watch performances and concerts sets in the live environment of Film naživoTalk Show by the Vosto5 company inspired by the series Kupé v lese, concerts of Lenka DusilováBára Poláková, and Czech Philharmonic. Mornings will be dedicated to Domanéž, exercises with circus acrobats, and late evenings will see Late Night Show with cabarets, burlesque, music, dance, and magic.

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