Dancers and Austerity of Movement

Czech performers have been stuck at home since 12 March 2020, which is particularly catastrophic for dancers and artists in the movement-based arts of physical theatre, contemporary circus and mime. Not only must their bodies, accustomed to daily physical (and emotional) performance and training, contend with new routines and excess energy; they also have to adapt psychologically and economically. The majority of dancers, across all genres and styles, train at home on just a few square metres. Many post their daily training on social media as a motivation for others, or as targeted lessons for their students. The pedagogical activities of dancers have literally flooded social media and other online platforms. The initial enthusiasm and solidarity expressed by sharing free lessons have gradually given rise to a new professional reality: the virtual. The internet cannot replace live teacher-student contact, but online lessons help to maintain both community ties and the participants’ conditioning and at least somewhat offset the economic difficulties affecting the entire arts sector.

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