Podcast ” We said NO! Students of Theatre Academies resist the misuse of power”

In theatre academies across Europe, students are initiating change and speaking out about misus-es of power at their institutions. In a challenging environment, where lecturers are often future col-leagues or employers and the very nature of the art forms demands going beyond normal human interaction, students are working to create fairer, safer spaces for learning and creative risk-taking, sometimes at great personal or professional cost. In this episode, we hear from current or former students from four countries who took actions to change their institutions’ culture. We’ll hear their stories and see what conclusions and strategies emerge from placing their experiences in dialogue.

This episode is based on a discussion in the Show Must Go On/Offline series and features the following participants: 


  •    Salvör Gullbrá (Reykjavík, IS)
  •    Agata Koszulińska and Pamela Leończyk (Warsaw, PL)
  •    Marie-Luisa Purkrábková and Kateřina Císařová (Prague, CZ)
  •    Mia Skrbinac (Ljuljana, SI)


  •    Alice Koubová (CZ), Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences / Vice Dean for Research, Theatre Faculty of the Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU)

Links to projects, organisations and initiatives mentioned in this episode: