Podcast “Alghoritmic Theatrum Mundi: Future of performance between pixels, algorithms and atoms?”

What’s the future of the performing arts in the age of AI, algorithms and the metaverse? Can gen-uine human expression and agency survive? Are we witnessing the emergence of a new, post-human aesthetic? Will the gulf between online and offline, pixels and atoms, and artificial and real actors and audiences blur, or even disappear entirely? Will this convergence provoke and gener-ate unique artistic experiments beyond our wildest dreams? Are we witnessing the emergence of a new, post-human aesthetic? In this episode, we delve into these questions and many more, in the company of AI experts and theatre practitioners working with AI, robotics and generative technologies on stage.

This episode is based on a discussion in the Show Must Go On/Offline series and features the following participants: 


  •    David Košťak (CZ), playwright, translator and dramaturg
  •    Ondřej Holba (CZ), director, lecturer, contact juggler and actor
  •    Rudolf Rosa (CZ), robopsychologist, lecturer at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University
  •    Jan Mocek (CZ), theatre maker, visual artist and member of IN SITU, a European platform for artistic creation in public space
  • Jan Tyl (CZ), AI expert, CEO Alpha Industries
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe, digital being
  • Václav Havel, digital being


  •    Dita Malečková (CZ), lecture, researcher, writer, independent AI researcher

Links to projects, organisations and initiatives mentioned in this episode: