Podcast “Screening Theatre”

Over a year and a half into the pandemic, theatre producers, cultural managers and a creative entrepreneur sit down to reflect on their recent experiences of theatre on screen. What new insights have the pandemic and the resulting explosion of digitisation offered and what issues do the guests find most pressing now? Despite the ongoing uncertainty, can they help us find any reasons to be cheerful? Guests from HowlRound Theatre Commons, the European Festivals Association, Warsaw’s Nowy Teatre and the Czech Republic’s Dramox streaming platform dive into the complexities and contradictions of theatre’s shift into the virtual space, with topics rationing from digital distribution’s contribution to greater accessibility to the hidden carbon footprint of streaming.

Participants of Show must go on/off line discussion that served as base for this podcast 


  • Joana Nuckowska, Nowy Teatr / PL
  • Vijay Mathew , Howlround / USA
  • Martin Zavadil, Dramox / CZ
  • Gert Naessens, Perform Europe / IETM


  • Becka McFadden

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This episode is written by Becka McFadden and read by Daniel Zappi and Becka McFadden.

Podcast Director: Becka McFadden
Dramaturgy: Martina Pecková Černá and Co.
Production: Barbora Comer
Soundesign: Valtteri Alanen

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