Podcast “Contactless Communities”

On a global scale, the pandemic had a disastrous impact on social bonds and communities. New social distancing measures and public health provisions erected new barriers between artists and their audiences. The contactless reality of the pandemic highlighted many inequalities already present within the society, exposed vulnerable working and economic conditions and aggravated associated mental health issues, with performing artists often bearing the brunt. This podcasts is a reflection of discussion of four theatre practitioners and researchers about how performing arts can change and rework some of its practices for a better, more empathic, and sustainable practice.

Participants of Show must go on/off line discussion that served as base for this podcast :

  • Miroslav Paulíček / Czech Republic – University of Ostrava
  • Joshua Edelman / United Kingdom – Manchester School of Theatre
  • Alicja Czyczel /Poland – Common Space
  • Roman Černík / Czech Republic- Johan Centrum


  • Matúš Benža / Slovakia – Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava

Links to projects, organisations and initiatives mentioned in the discussion and in this episode:

This episode is written by Matúš Benža / Slovakia – Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and read by Daniel Zappi a Sinead Phelps.