International Cultural Cooperation in Times of War

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Martina Pecková-Černá (CZ) / Head of International Cooperation Department of the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague

Yana Partola (UA) / dean of the Kharkiv National University of Arts named after I. P. Kotlyarevsky, theatre critic and historian
Miriam Kičiňová (SK) / director of the Drama department of Slovak national theatre, theatre theoretician and critic, pedagogue at VŠMU Bratislava
Nanor Petrosyan (AM) / theatre director, team member of Tegh Degh cultural NGO in Yerevan
Raluca Radulescu (RO) / journalist, translator, theatre director
Rusanda Alexandra Curca (MD) / cultural worker, environmental and civic activist, co-directrice of the Center for Cultural Projects Arta Azi in Moldova
Maria Komarova (BY) / intermedia artist working in fields of postdramatic theatre, scenography, sound and visual arts
Inga Zotova-Mikshina (RU) / dancer, performer, pedagogue at Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague
Marta Ljubková (CZ) / Head Dramaturgist of the Drama department of National theatre in Prague, literary critic, pedagogue at DAMU Prague

How does the war in Ukraine affect the situation in the region? How is the response of Central and Eastern European countries specific? Will the Ukrainian culture be more present in the surrounding states than during peacetime, and will the perception of how non-Ukrainians look at it change? How does war change the principles and values on which international cultural cooperation is based? We will talk with theater professionals from eight countries about concrete expressions of help and solidarity, the politicization of art, art activism and changes in the performing arts, about new contacts and partnerships created in the new situation, and about the boycott of Russian art.