Subsidies for independent culture organizations in Slovakia

Mária Karoľová

Until 30 March 2021, civic associations operating in culture could apply for financial support aimed at covering any losses resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

The financial aid was available to non-for-profit organizations, civic associations and foundations that operate as theatres, professional music and dance ensembles, administrators of cultural spaces, and organizers of cultural and educational events. The subsidy was intended for non-for-profit organizations that demonstrated at least 30-percent annual decrease in income from cultural and creative activities. The maximum amount of the requested subsidy per applicant was 50,000 euros, however, it was always subject to specific financial parameters.

“The Ministry can use the subsidy to compensate for 20 percent of annual operational costs and 80 percent of the annual decrease of income from cultural activities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Natália Milanová, Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

The call for the subsidy award was drafted by the Ministry of Culture together with representatives of non-for-profit organizations active in the sphere of culture. Zuzana Mišáková of the City Theatre in Trenčín presented a positive view of this initiative “The amount of the aid will not be decided based on a subjective opinion of a committe member, but by concrete figures. It is objective and clearly defined financial aid, which will not only help to overcome hard times, but also allow us to accomplish our plans or complete projects that require funding in the coming six to twelve months,” Mišáková said, referring to the subsidy call as “last-minute life buoy”.

The Ministry has also announced another call, which should be aimed at natural persons and free-lance artists working in cultural and creative industries.