PACE.V4 Stands for Peace!

PACE.V4 stands for cultural collaboration, exchange, and networking within and with the regions of Central and Eastern Europe.

PACE.V4 stands for peace and mutual respect.

The PACE.V4 platform condemns the violation of international law and sovereignty of Ukraine and calls for the withdrawal of all the Russian occupational forces from the territory of self-declared republics in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine.

The long-term goal of PACE is a mutual peaceful collaboration between countries of Central / Eastern Europe and Eastern Partnership countries, including Ukraine, which is seen as a valuable and irreplaceable member of our community. So is the Russian Federation, so is Belarus, and other countries.

Our values are based on the shared historical and cultural tradition and present democratic principles. We refuse war as a means to achieve any kind of goals. As cultural workers, we disregard political plays, use of civilians as figures, and blackmail. We will continue our dialogue and efforts for a just and culturally interconnected Europe.