Instytut Teatralny Published a New Book: Polish 1919–1939 Theatrical Avant-garde. Anthology of a Sourcebook.

The aim of the anthology published by Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego in Warsaw is to facilitate access to important source materials as well as to boost interest in the Polish avant-garde theatre and its artistic avant-garde. The book is rich in illustrations, and in addition to the texts, the anthology contains biographical notes about each author, as well as a detailed bibliography.

Polska awangarda teatralna 1919–1939. Antologia [Polish 1919–1939 Theatrical Avantgarde. Anthology of a Sourcebook.] is a collection of source texts from the years 1919–1939, which together represent that eponymous phenomenon from the perspectives of its concepts, projects, and programs (parts 1–3), and further, its achievements and productions (part 4). The authors of the collected texts are both artists and critics who add comment on the proposals and achievements of their forbearers. It is the first comprehensive proposal that presents the achievements of the Polish theatrical avant-garde since the 1973 publication Myśl teatralna polskiej awangardy 1919–1939. Antologia [Theatrical Thought of the Polish Theatrical Avantgarde 1919–1939. An Anthology.], by Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filmowe, compiled by Stanisław Marczak-Oborski, with notes by Lidia Kuchtówna. Many of the re-printed, original, canonical texts are accompanied in the new anthology by numerous new titles, new perspectives, and different contextualizations. Each text is accompanied by extensive footnotes reflecting the current state of research. The publication is largely based on first editions of the chosen texts – the editors have attempted as much as possible to restore the original shape of the iconographic and typographic image which held a particular importance.