ONLINE / OFFLINE in the 2020/2021 season

The brief period of relaxed measures has ended.

Theatre doors have been open since mid-November and artists took advantage of the opportunity to present new productions, the creation of which had been impacted by anti-pandemic measures or illness within their creative teams. Interesting premieres of new productions and projects took place in theatres across Slovakia. Cultural institutions also seized the chance to present reprises of popular productions in their repertoires, and embraced a novelty that is gradually becoming well-established in Slovakia: making productions available online.

The Show Must Go ON/OFF-line: “Uncompressability” Green Thursdays – a cycle of international, online discussions – episode 4

17 December, 15.00-17.00 CET on-line


Martynas Petrikas / LTU, Associacte professor at the Faculty of Communication at Vilnius University

Savas Patsalidis / GRK, Professor of Theatre at Aristotle University and the Drama School of the  National Theatre of Northern Greece

Nela H. Kornetová / CZ, Independent performer and performance maker


Jiří Šimek / CZ, Actor, Theatre Artist and co-founder of Ufftenživot Group

In the days of analogue technology, it was necessary to go to a particular place for culture. Once there, the experience was shared with other people. There was no way around it; it was inevitably a collective, shared encounter with theatre, music, paintings. In contrast, the present moment is characterised by fragmentation, digitalisation and personalisation. Algorithms curate unique experiences for each of us on the screens of our mobile devices. Films, music and paintings have simply been compressed into this space and today we are overwhelmed with compressed copies of them: MP4s, MP3s, JPGs, and GIFs. Somewhere, to the side of all this, sits the theatre, like a stone around which this digital river flows. The analogue epoch is well behind us and we’re already well into the digital phase. Can the compression of art and its solitary consumption help us to find a new appreciation for the shared and the collective? Does today’s digital experience offer a chance to arrive at a deeper and better understanding of the importance of collective experience than was possible when it was the only option? How is our relationship to shared experience changing, now that it is a choice?

A favourite annual event returns on 21 November 2020 with the subtitle: We’re still here!

Theatre Night is a regular theatrical event, always taking place on the third Saturday in November. Prepared by theatres throughout Slovakia for their visitors, the programme runs late into the night. “Although 2020 has presented us with countless challenges, we don’t want to miss this year’s Theatre Night. Theatres are working to bring their audiences recordings of productions, behind-the-scenes tours, live streams and other inviting programmes,” says Vladislava Fekete, director of the Theatre Institute. The Government of the Slovak Republic’s current regulations concerning the coronavirus pandemic have made it possible to open the doors of theatres once again. The eleventh edition of the international Theatre Night event will thus take place in an unconventional way, in both ONLINE and OFFLINE spaces, and all on 21 November 2020.

The new channel Televize Naživo will appear in the terrestrial broadcast on Friday, 20 November 2020, at 8 p.m.  It is a joint project of Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78, and Viktor Tauš’s Heaven Gate company. It aims to present the TV viewers with the works of theatremakers whose performances cannot be staged live in the theatres due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Naživo TV will offer up-to-date live theater and music productions, as well as performances for children. The TV programme Naživo will cover the production of Cirk La Putyka, Jatka78, Amerikánka, the Theatre on the Balustrade, and Minor. Moreover, viewers will be able to watch performances and concerts sets in the live environment of Film naživo, Talk Show by the Vosto5 company inspired by the series Kupé v lese, concerts of Lenka Dusilová, Bára Poláková, and Czech Philharmonic. Mornings will be dedicated to Domanéž, exercises with circus acrobats, and late evenings will see Late Night Show with cabarets, burlesque, music, dance, and magic.

The 8th Theatre Night will take place on Saturday, 21 November 2020 in a significantly different form than in the previous years. The theatres will connect with their viewers only via online platforms. The title of the event Sustain-Long-Ability has become even more pressing than the organizers expected in the first place due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The Theatre Night puts together 64 theatres from 17 towns and municipalities in the Czech Republic. The year’s edition features a 8-hour-long videoconference Theatre Has and Will Be Here (For the Whole Day Today) coordinated by the Arts and Theatre Institute. The 9-hour-long programme with live streams and pre-recorded shows will virtually connect 28 theatres from 9 towns. The complete theatre programme is available on

The topic of this year’s edition – sustain-long-ability – had been chosen before the pandemic crisis as a response to the growing interest in ecology and the pressure on the sustainability of life on Earth. The ecological topics in artistic production and theatre operation have been accompanied by existential topics. The programmes of the theatres that must be closed for the public now feature virtual tours, live streams, interactive education plays for children and adults.

The Slovak National Museum in cooperation with memory institutions in Bratislava invites the XVI. year of the popular pan-European event Night of Museums and Galleries in 2020. This year, untraditionally – in a virtual form.

Due to anti-pandemic measures, the traditional date of the event (Saturday, 3 May) was postponed by the organizers in France to 14 November in spring 2020. However, as early as the autumn of autumn, it became clear that the epidemiological situation could worsen. A question mark already hung over the visit of “stone” cultural institutions in November.