Podcast “A drama in Quarantine”

Anti-pandemic regulations did not favour collective on-stage creation. Did the limitation of theatrical activities improve the position of playwrights, the majority of whom write in isolation, or did it make their already fragile situation even more precarious? What themes has Covid-19 introduced to dramatic theatre? Are the texts written in this period more introverted, or, on the contrary, more radical? Have the initiatives launched to alleviate the symptoms of covid in the sphere of new writing been successful? Taking the Living Newspaper project (Royal Court Theatre, London), the L’ubimovka Festival of Young Playwrights (Moscow), the Monovid-19, series of staged monologues (Croatia) and the Dráma competition for Slovak and Czech plays as examples, in this episode, we discuss the sustainability of drama as a literary and theatrical genre.

Participants of Show must go on/off line discussion that served as base for this podcast:

  • Jelena Kovacic (HR), Editor, Monovid- 19
  • Maria Kroupnik (RU), Curator of the Educational Programme, The Lubimovka Young Russian Playwrights Festival
  • Lucia Mihálová (SK), Member of Jury, The Dráma competition
  • Sam Pritchard (UK), Associate Director, The Royal Court Theatre
  • Jakub Škorpil (CZ), Theatre Critic, World and Theatre magazine


  • Zuzana Uličianská / Slovakia – Head of the PR Department, Theatre Institute Bratislava

Links to projects, organisations and initiatives mentioned in the discussion and in this episode:

Monovid-19 : http://www.drame.hr/hr/monovid

Lubimovka Young Russian Playwrights Festival: https://lubimovka.ru/eng

Polina Korotych, I am at home: https://lubimovka.ru/images/2020plays/fringe/Korotych_Ya_doma.docx

The Royal Court Theatre: https://royalcourttheatre.com

This episode is written by:

Zuzana Uličianská / Slovakia – Head of the PR Department, Theatre Institute Bratislava.