The Show Must Go ON/OFF-line: “Healing (with) theatre”

Date 27.05.2021

Location online

The “Healing (with) theatre” webinar is the newest episode of “The Show Must Go ON/OFF-line”/Green Thursday series. The starting point of this webinar is the acknowledgment that live arts have spent more than a year in a state of unnatural sleep. How will things look as they awaken? What kinds of healing did theatre offer to individuals and interpersonal relationships in the pre-Covid times and what will this healing look like in the weeks ahead? How to deal with the fear that spectators won’t come back, and with uncertainties related to the cultural aridness of society? The webinar will seek answers to these and other questions and share experiences of the kinds of support artists needed during the pandemic and what they’ll need as restrictions loosen with guests from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Poland. Drama therapist, marriage counsellor and coach Martin Sedláček will moderate.

The Green Thursday online discussion series with guests from the ranks of theatre and dance artists, curators, cultural managers and theorists from the Czech Republic and abroad reflects the sensitivity and response of the field of performing arts to current social issues. The main topic is the adaptation of theatre, dance and the new circus to the virtual environment as a result of epidemic-prevention measures and issues related to the sustainability of the quality of life of contemporary civilization and the performing arts.

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