Performance Crossings – international festival of performance art

Date 20.05.2021 - 22.07.2021

Location Prague and Brno

Performance Crossings is a performance art and related art form festival that opens a dialogue between artists and spectators, between ideas and their processing. The basic prerequisite, as well as one of the main goals of Performance Crossings, is an interpersonal meeting between people from different countries. In addition to artistic presentations, the festival focuses on interconnecting and sharing experiences, knowledge and perspectives through which we can relate to art and the world around us. Internationality, diversity and time spent together are the pillars on which the festival was founded, and which are an integral part of it.

This year the festival is unfolding in two parts. During the first one (20-22 May) we will focus together with the local artists on the rediscovery of a common space and our abilities to pay attention to the live art and each other. For the second part of the festival (20-22 July), we invite international guests with whom we want to broaden our horizons, establish new relationships, repair torn networks and structures.


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Graphic design: Anna Chrtková