Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA) have issued measures to mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic.

– The state will exempt all self-employed people of payments for compulsory social security insurance retroactively since March 2020. The self-employed will not have to pay required prepayments from March to August, thus the total amount of insurance in the yearly statement will be lower in the amount corresponding with minimum prepayments for social security insurance per six months. Self-employed people will be released from the amount.

Mapping Losses and Set of Measure to Save the Culture

Extraordinary measures connected with the SARS-CoV-19 have been introduced on 11 March 2020 by the Czech Government. The Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague has been mapping their impact on cultural sector since 12 March 2020. First data was collected  from organisations and individuals that work in the independent arts scene (check for details here). Subsequently a methodology for mapping losses in the cultural sector was developed by the University of Economics, Academy of Performing Arts, and the Arts and Theatre Institute that aims to calculate the economic impact on selected cultural sectors. First results will be available after 5 May 2020. Besides the measures to mitigate the economic impacts issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Czech Government has passed Minister Zaorálek’s set of measures to save the culture on 9 April. The total amount assigned to this program is 1.07 billion CZK.

Mapping the Impact of the Ministry of Health’s Extraordinary Measures on the Czech Independent Arts Sector: A Summary

Data was collected from 12:00 on 12 March 2020 to 13:00 on 16 March 2020 via a research questionnaire. The questionnaire was addressed to representatives of umbrella organisations, professional associations and individuals. Its emphasis was also to establish the current situation of subjects, individual artists and other professionals that work in the independent arts scene and are not part of larger organisations. While collecting the data, ATI collaborated with other organisations and media currently carrying out their own research, in order to avoid duplication of data.