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The Czech Music Council
The Czech Music Council is an NGO based at the Art sand Theatre Institute and it represents  the Czech branch of the International Music Council. It was re-founded in 1993, and as of 2010 has 49 collective members. In conformity with UNESCO objectives it monitors domestic and European developments in the sphere of music culture and education, is an advisory body to its members, the public, and state administration, for which it comments on legislative and conceptual materials. It is represented in various advisory boards. It organizes conferences and workshops and prepares publications. Since 1993 it has annually issued an award to individuals or organizations for services to Czech music culture, honouring work contributing to the advancement and promotion of Czech music. Musica Nova, the international competition in electro-acoustic music, is organised under the aegis of the Czech Music Council.

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Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

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website of the traditional Czech music publisher

Arco Diva
website of the Czech music agency and publisher

Czech music agency C.E.M.A.
website of the Czech music agency C.E.M.A.

Czech alternative music publisher and agency
website of the major Czech alternative music publisher and agency




Krakow: Terminus

The final destination of this travel conference – or shall we rather call it study tour, as suggested by Clement? – was the old Polish capital, Krakow. A place swarming with tourists, trams (some with messages from the Pope), cultural institutions and quickly gentrifying neighbourhoods. We kicked it off with a visit to Laznia Nova […] »

Katowice: an easy day at the Silesian Museum

On 12 June (Day 8) we left Czechia and moved to Poland, but we stayed in the same region: Silesia. The Silesian Museum, since its opening last year, is one of the most important cultural spaces in the Polish side of Silesia district, and (yet another) very interesting example of art places created in the former […] »

Frequently Travelled Trains and Hazy Memories of Ostrava

By the time we reached Ostrava, most of the conference staff was reasonably tired as these shots below will testify. In the city of Ostrava we visited quite a few theatres (Puppet Theatre, Petr Bezruč Theatre, Old Aréna Theatre and Cooltour) and had lunch in a modern shared office space, Impact Hub.  After some thought-provoking […] »

Baroque walks in Olomouc

After leaving Slovakia we arrived to the Czech Republic to the beautiful small town of Olomouc. After the visit to the town hall and the city theatre we were presented two independent theatre venues and finished the day with a short performance. »

The second day in Slovakia: Zilina

  The conference quickly moved on from Topolcany to another great city in Slovakia: Zilina. For Attila, who was biking again this did take some climbing too. Stanica Zilina-Zariecie was the theatre venue which hosted us for exciting presentations with a strong theoretical focus, a provocative dance performance and a discussion with artist Jaro Viňarský. »